Privacy Policy

UniLogical is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that creates software applications, such as MoxyDox.  Contact information for UniLogical can be found here:  UniLogical’s Contact Information.

We collect only your contact and payment information in order to communicate with you and to charge you for our services.  We do not share that information with anyone, except the companies necessary to process your payment.  (In fact, we never even see your payment information.  You enter your payment information directly on the credit card processing companies’ servers and the information does not even pass through our servers.)

We retain your contact information indefinitely.  If you want to delete your information, just uninstall MoxyDox, as the information is only stored in your MoxyDox database.

If you are a MoxyDox Sales Affiliate or Service Affiliate, then your PUBLIC contact information is shared with all MoxyDox users (in the world).  YOU control the PUBLIC contact information you want to share via the Sales Affiliate or Service Affiliate PUBLIC Information Settings panel.  (The PRIVATE Information Settings of the Sales Affiliate or Service Affiliate is not seen by any MoxyDox users and is the contact and payment information described above.)

We take your privacy seriously and take precautions to keep your information safe.  See the MoxyDox FAQs page to learn more about how we protect your information.

The information you store in MoxyDox (for example, your documents) is stored only in your MoxyDox database.  That information is not mined by us or shared with anyone.  YOU decide who you share that information with.  For example, the information is only seen by the people in your company that you give a MoxyDox username and password logon to.  Furthermore, you can use MoxyDox User Access settings to restrict your users to access only the data you want them to access.