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All software should be designed with this goal in mind: To be “So simple, it’s smart.”

Make The Right Choice

The promise of technology is to make our lives better. Too often, software packages come with built-in headaches due to poorly written code and a bad user interface.  Don’t end up paying to make things worse. Don’t get blamed for choosing the wrong product. Choose UniLogical.

The Fastest Cloud

With lean secure code, our client-server connection can claim one of the fastest response times in the industry. Time is money and an investment in UniLogical products can yield immediate quantifiable returns.

Seamless Integration

The parts of a “full stack” solution must fit perfectly together. At UniLogical, our databases, servers, network, and applications are honed to fit perfectly together, creating a stable platform to ensure the integrity of your digital assets.

Customer Support

Catastrophes can happen. UniLogical products are designed with built-in automatic backup, and easy recovery. If an unlikely event becomes a reality, we have your back. So you can have peace of mind.
Boyd Edmondson

Boyd Edmondson


Boyd brings the know-how to get the job done right. He is dedicated to creating a solid foundational code which is stable and reliable.

We have all suffered through using applications built upon flawed foundational code. It doesn’t matter if the idea is great if the resulting code is unstable and unreliable. The perfect union of a powerful concept, a strong implementation, and an easy user interface is the only outcome that Boyd is interested in.

When you use a UniLogical product, you know it has Boyd’s seal of approval.

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B.J. Erkan

B.J. Erkan


B.J.’s vision of a future of easy-to-use software and an optimum user experience is clear and obtainable.

“We are developing a program that will meet the needs of both the advanced user, and will put systems development into the hands of the average entrepreneur.

My development partnership with Boyd has been idyllic. We visualize solutions, identify pain points, and keep the pace exciting and fulfilling. I enthusiastically look forward to the first release of our project.”

The UniLogical Story

A Master Clinician and Small-Business Owner

BJ Erkan, Owner of UniLogical, has operated a medical massage clinic for over 20 years.  His company has the highest reputation in his industry. Physicians in the North Seattle area have been entrusting and referring their patients to his clinic since 1994. Massage therapists from all over the Seattle region aspire to work for him and to learn from his expertise. He is known as one of the top leaders, innovators, educators, and successful clinic owners in his geographical area.

Due to his experience in a successful venture, he has a true understanding of the needs and struggles of a small business trying to provide the highest quality of service, while keeping operating costs in check by streamlining processes.This makes BJ a subject matter expert for the target market customers of UniLogical:

Small businesses that want to go paperless and migrate to the cloud, but do not have:

  • an in-house IT department
  • the budget for expensive solutions
  • or the time to retrain their staff on a new way to do everything

BJ has a gift for entrepreneurial vision and has applied that to specifying the requirements for MoxyDox, a fast, affordable paperless solution with no change to workflow or organizational schemes, and with a simple-to-learn and simple-to-use user interface. MoxyDox is unique in its ease of implementation and adoption. Other paperless “solutions” force the staff to learn a new way of doing everything. MoxyDox actually allows you to keep your existing documents, with your existing workflow and organization exactly the same as they are in the paper world, so the transition to paperless is not weeks, months, or years, but minutes or hours. This greatly reduces staff resistance to adoption. Once they learn the User Interface, which takes minutes, everything is easy. They use all the same documents with no change to how they are used and organized. This allows a small business to gain all of the benefits of going paperless, with none of the headaches of having to teach the entire staff how to find, organize, and use new documentation. The benefits of this approach are obvious: Change Nothing, Gain Everything.


A Veteran Software Engineer and Startup Expert

Boyd Edmondson, Owner/CEO/CTO  of UniLogical, has been a Software Engineer for over 20 years. He worked for years in Research and Development at large corporations like ATL Ultrasound and Phillips Ultrasound as a key member. In fact he has been involved, as a key member, with quite a few startup companies.

  • Atlantis Diagnostics
  • Microsystems International
  • Intersonics
  • Applied Precision
  • Nebula Creations
  • Nebula Software
  • Verasonics (most recently before UniLogical)

Click here for a detailed portfolio.

Boyd has a reputation for creating highly efficient software and for having a knack for solving tough problems. Due to Boyd’s background, he was able to take BJ’s vision and create an out-of-the-box, non-traditional solution that has separated the MoxyDox technology from its competitors.

The combining of Boyd’s and BJ’s skill sets has led to the unique, paperless solution product, MoxyDox. Together they have created a worldwide product that is highly automated to maintain, thus allowing UniLogical, a two-person company, to take a sophisticated vision and technical achievement to the world through great ideas, self funding, and over 5 years of hard work. Now the world is eager to see what BJ and Boyd come up with next! They will use the technology they have developed from MoxyDox in future products.

Accidents Will Happen (Sometimes Good Ideas Will, Too 🙂 )

How did UniLogical get started?  Well, 20 years ago while developer Boyd was pressure-washing his second story roof, he slipped and fell off the roof onto the concrete two floors below. He started going to a chiropractor that just happened to be in the same building as BJ’s medical massage clinic.

One day, the chiropractor’s front staff was complaining about problems with their computer server while Boyd was waiting to check in.  Boyd offered to take a look at it and ended up solving the issue and got asked to fix many other computer issues.

Some time later, BJ had a computer issue and called the chiropractor to ask if they knew someone who could help.  They recommended Boyd. Boyd showed up and helped solve the issue. When it came time for payment, BJ and Boyd decided to barter-exchange Boyd’s time for therapeutic massage time from BJ to help with Boyd’s back issues.  With Boyd’s subsequent automobile accidents, this turned into an ongoing arrangement.

During computer repairs and massages, BJ and Boyd carried on various conversations and found that they had a mutual respect for each other in both personal and business aspects.

They shared similarities in scruples, vision, approaches, beliefs, and entrepreneurial desires.  They began to wonder if they might be a good match and some day do a business venture together.

Toward a Meeting of the Minds

While getting massage treatments from BJ, Boyd described his current mental state. BJ, as a medical professional, could detect indicator signs of Boyd’s condition and offered some suggestions. Boyd was looking for a new start and that is exactly what BJ was recommending that Boyd needed. As we all know, startups can be exhausting. So too can be midlife. Both Boyd and BJ sensed that more than change, they each needed a new challenge, and talked about working together. A few days later, Boyd invited BJ to lunch.

Establishing a Partnership to Improve Medical Software

Well, their lunch turned into a 6 hour brainstorming session.  They both found that they did indeed have a great synergy for a business partnership and were very excited about all of the ideas they had just discussed.  At this point BJ was glad that he decided to take the first step to investigate the potential partnership.

BJ had found over the years that many software solutions were actually software problems for which he paid dearly. He wondered what it would be like to be a decision-maker on how a product would work. How could the developers of multi-billion dollar companies have such big misses? The pain of transitioning from one product to another is something he had become intimately familiar with. He thought that this was the result of poor design paired with the concept of suite entrapment. If you can make the customer reliant enough on the various functions of your product, then you don’t have to be responsive to their requests or complaints. The assumption being that the pain of transitioning to a better solution is greater than the benefit of making the move. Why not make something easy to use from the beginning and add features that customers want as the product grows?

While shopping for a new scheduling program for the massage clinic, BJ found a product that promised a transition that was easy and fast. The salesperson had definitely over-promised on both speed and ease of transition. Instead of a few days it took 6 months. The stress on the staff and customers almost ruined the business.

If BJ and Boyd were going to form a company and make a product, it would have to be different. Over the following six weeks, BJ and Boyd met almost daily to decide what their combined skill sets and experience could lead them to achieve.  There were many options, but they decided the safest approach would be to choose the ones that were within their current career experiences to minimize their risks and maximize their chances of success.  So, the option chosen was a software application that could be used by medical massage therapists, and once in the market, could grow into a full fledged Electronic Medical Records solution.

As the business plan and product design developed, it became clear that their initial highly specialized market was too small to support the growth plan, and would hinder product viability.  BJ and Boyd then began the process of evolving the project into something that would be attractive to a larger market. They realized that their approach, and the proprietary format they had developed, would work for any company that used a professional filing scheme (Drawers/Folders/Tabs/Documents), and that wanted to go paperless easily and affordably. Their specific solution to the needs of medical massage therapists was generic enough to be utilized by the smallest of companies in any industry. Pivoting to an expanded market, and making the required adjustments to the business and product plans, changed their original six-month-to-market product into one that would take over five years to fully realize. Boyd and BJ chose to invest the extra development time to ensure their product would not rely on expensive, slow, insecure, browser based technology – setting them apart from their competition.

That investment has paid off. They now they have a product that can be used by anyone who uses paper and filing cabinets and who wants to go paperless.  Their business plan has made worldwide market penetration achievable by only two people. Not an easy goal, but one that has been obtained, and it was worth the wait.